Lizzie Finn Practitioner In Residence — 2016

6. lizzie-Finn-at-Chelsea-1

Lizzie Finn
Practitioner In Residence — 2016
BA Graphic Communication Design
Chelsea College of Arts
University of the Arts London

Press Release


Lizzie Finn is an illustrator with a background in graphic design for the fashion and music industries. Her prescient and inventive use of textile materials in the context of visual communication has attracted clients including Vitra, Vogue, Channel 4 and The Victoria & Albert Museum. Lizzie has exhibited her work internationally and has been invited to speak at design conferences in Tokyo, Sydney, Olso and Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. She has run workshops related to her practice at Fabrica in Italy and Ecal in Switzerland. She is course leader of MA Illustration at The London College of Communication.

5. Moloko - Things to make and do


The Residency & Work

Finn’s residency beginning in March will be situated in the Graphic Design Communication studios at Chelsea.
Her continued interest in creating images which incorporate a convergence of graphic design and textile art will be further explored through her studio practice and aligned workshop. She will be constructing a series of assemblages in fabric, thread and other materials. Finn invites her practice during this time with us to be considered for its potential in contemporary visual communication context and as both a critique and celebration of female representation in graphic art in the latter part of the twentieth century.

As part of the residency some of the Design Communication students will be invited to reflect on their own practice by way of experimentation with materials and process associated with other art and design disciplines and to consider the physical making process within an increasingly digital context of visual communication.

Lizzie’s own work and the results of the student workshops will be exhibited later this year at Chelsea. This is the first residency at BA Graphic Design Communication and we welcome Lizzie to our creative community and look forward to working with her. Watch this space!

BA Graphic Design Communication Team


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Lettera — in collaboration with photographer John Short 1
Lettera — in collaboration with photographer John Short 2
Found Object Series: No.1 The Marble Egg —  in collaboration with photographer Thomas Brown
Woman With Blue Glasses —  A large scale stretched canvas poster
Album Cover – Moloko – Things to Make and Do
Photo of Lizzie Finn working at Chelsea 1
Photo of Lizzie Finn working at Chelsea 2

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