Reuben Dangoor we salute you!

BA Graphic Design alumnus Reuben Dangoor has been in the news (again) recently, always pushing the barriers with humour and his huge skill-set from illustration, moving image, writing, design and the list goes on. Recently he was featured at Late at Tate in December showing his Legends of the Scene series at Tate Britain featuring portraits of London’s Grime stars. Reuben has been on the forefront of all things cool for some time now from his hilarious Being a Dickhead’s Cool You Tube Sensation – 11 Million hits can’t be wrong !  Just Check this Bio from Rogue films to get a flavour of him..

Reuben is a whole number of things but overall he is uniquely creative. He’s a director, an illustrator, a musician and very nearly a qualified doctor (although we’ve all said that before). Brought to YouTube notoriety by the 10 million views and counting ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’, he has gone on to craft campaigns for O2 and Ministry of Sound as well as directing music videos for Diplo and the fast rising Etta Bond.  Equally at home with mashing-up and subverting visuals with an anarchic comedy twist, as he is with more considered and elegant cinematography, he is never far way from a killer idea – on average, about 3 foot six. Reuben has everything it takes to be a Rogue, except he does look a bit like a Children’s TV presenter.  Although one who’s been up all night doing God knows what, which can only be a good thing.

Legends of the Scene:




In his final year at Chelsea Reuben produced some great work for Ministry of Sound for one of our live projects..