End of Term – finally!

10 Weeks of effort ended in a flourish as the first, second and third year wound up their studies for another term. Stage 1 put on an exhibition of their final work under the guidance of tutor Nigel Bents, Stage 2 showed their range of experimental films in the lecture theatre while installing their Bold Type exhibition and Stage 3 whose heads were full of future trend forecasts for a major client and research for their dissertations finished their tutorials and prepared for a busy New Year.

Behind the scenes during the end of term new staff were being interviewed and employed – many of which you may know already.
Peter Chadwick has been appointed to run the second year, Eva Sajovic & Sakis Kyratzis join Kieron in the teaching of Theory. Anna Rhodes and Paula Nessick joined the academic team too and will become more familiar regular faces in term 2 and 3. This term also saw the return of Bhav Mistry and Isabel+Helen who amongst other teaching took on the expanded practice unit for the second year.

Its been a term of new ideas and a re-examination of some of our usual GDC traditions with new approach to studio spaces and a fresh writing of our aims and objectives as a team – look out for more in 2016..

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