Bold Type Now Online!

You may have recently seen the work of BA Graphic Design Communication Stage 2 in the exhibition at Chelsea entitled ‘Adventures In Type’. These have now been collated into a website for you to enjoy, share and download.

New typefaces designed by the second year BA Graphic Design Communication students at Chelsea College of Arts as part of a short project entitled BOLD TYPE.

This challenge for year two Graphic Design Communication students was to design an original display typeface, inspired by the promise of communication through the (digital) craft of type design and in the visible resurgence of bespoke typography. As a shorter project as part of Unit 6: Exploring the Professional Brief, the result is a series of typographic specimen sheets and printed samples inspired by the spirit of Jon Wozencroft and Neville Brody’s FUSE series, and the work of the 8vo* Design Group.

With special thanks to Bhav Mistry

Some typefaces are available to download for personal use, Installed at your own risk.

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Above, work by Caspian Wistler, Oliver James Jackson and Jess Frankland.

Adventures in Type

BA Graphic Design Communication second and third year students have been working hard on typographic posters  – all of which can be seen in the Chelsea canteen and SU gallery space until December 19th. Open daily this week from 10am-8pm – don’t miss your chance to see some truly experimental type design!

FullSizeRender (1)


Below are some Samples from Bold Type brief: (watch out for information regarding an online display of this work featuring downloadable typefaces).


Countersink by George Stone


Foam PT by Joshua Price




Built by Harrison Dew


Also a special thanks to Bhav Mistry for joining us on teaching this project.