SAS Scholarship winners 2014 in Creative Review

Rachael Steven of the Creative Review blog has posted a review of the SAS Scholarship Winners here and below are excerpts from her post..


Creative agency SAS, part of MSL Group, has announced the winners of its annual scholarship award, open to students at Falmouth University and Chelsea College of Art and Design. The winning projects include an app that tracks DNA and a clever campaign to raise awareness of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

SAS set up the award three years ago. It was initially open to students at Chelsea, which the agency has links with, but this year, was extended to include students at Falmouth, where SAS delivers guest workshops and lectures. Each college is given a different brief and students who submit the top three projects are awarded a cash prize: first place winners receive £3000 each, second place, £2000 and third, £1000. SAS says the programme aims to support the next generation of talent: the agency also runs a paid internship scheme and says 50 percent of its creative team joined the company after working there as interns. The project is led by creative director Matthew Shannon and executive creative director David Stocks, with help from project leaders at Falmouth and Chelsea. Students were briefed in February and given until April to submit their finished projects.

We wanted to help the students develop their skills around investigating briefs, developing design outcomes and delivering presentations,” says Stocks. “It’s aimed at second years as they’re at a crucial stage in their studies, when they’re moving from basic skills to trying to become the finished article.

Responsible pharma
Chelsea students were asked to develop a piece of work exploring the social context of pharmaceutical companies, and an idea that addressed an interesting or important aspect of the industry. George Farrell was awarded third prize for his campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of counterfeit drugs, and help people identity potential fakes.



to read more detail on George’s project outcome see the CR Post here

Second place at Chelsea went to Phoebe Willison for her sci-fi inspired personalised medicine project. Willison says the aim of the project was to raise questions about both the ethics and the future of personalised medicine, where drugs are tailored to patients based on their DNA.



to read more detail on Phoebe’s project outcome see the CR Post here

Top prize at Chelsea went to Josh Kwan for his project to raise awareness of and funding for orphan drugs, which are developed to treat rare diseases but, due to their niche appeal, are often under-funded and neglected by pharma companies.

Kwan’s project aims to address this by raising support for orphan drugs through the sale of popular, everyday medicines such as cough drops and aspirin. Medicines would be sold in packaging named after and inspired by famous literary orphans, such as Dickens’ characters, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. Packaging features quotes from these characters about feeling abandoned or neglected and inside, a message that thanks buyers for ‘adopting’ the product. Packets also contain a card explaining what orphan drugs are and that proceeds from the common product they have just purchased will be used to fund their research and development.






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Thankyou Rachael and Creative Review and congratulations to Kwan, George and Phoebe and all the Falmouth winners too.