Miriam Abrahams: Chop Chop as seen on It’s Nice That

Recently the popular design blog It’s Nice That featured Miriam Abrahams who graduated from GDC Chelsea earlier this year..

Film: Simple, perfect, terrifying. One girl’s representation of the word “courage”
With a brief such as the word “courage” there’s like, a bajillion things you could do. The possibilities are so endless that you would most likely end up doing something a bit complicated to try and represent such a loaded term. Hats off then (literally) to Miriam Abrahams who tackled this subject in the most simple way possible: to hand over some scissors to her little sisters and play “makeover”. Not much point in writing any more here, just watch it and then give her a big round of a applause because that girl is so brave.

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District MTV Yearbook : Laurie Lynch

Its been a few years since Laurie graduated from Chelsea and now he’s been featured on MTV’s Yearbook site..
Director Laurie Lynch is also the creative director of Rokkit TV. Here he explains the benefits of having a production company behind him, the story behind his short film Mark and his advice for other budding directors.

Click here to watch his interview

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