Arran Gregory X Brutus

Featuring the work of Alumnus Arran Gregory..


Our Button-Down Trimfit shirts have been worn proudly since 1966 as a reflection of ones personal style, a dedication to a particular look, the following of a specific sound and an obsession with fit and detail.

In anticipation of what is undoubtedly a monumental year for Britain, it is with great excitement that we launch our BRITISH ILLUSTRATORS PROJECT.

We have decided to come up with a new way for people to interpret their own unique style and what Brutus means to them, by commissioning young British illustrators to draw directly onto our famous Trimfit shirts.

The first Artist we have had the pleasure of working with is Freelance Illustrator/ sculptor Arran Gregory, who graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2009 and has gone on to become one of the most sought after talents in London’s creative world having already worked for CocaCola, Slam City Skates, Penfield USA, Pointer Footwear, Emerica, Urban Outfitters, Jaguar Shoes Collective and more.

He describes his work as a battle between maximallism and minimalism, which can be seen in the simplicity while extraordinarily intricate detail of his drawings, or the complex geometric form of his life sized animal sculptures.

You can see how Arran has taken his pen to the idea and beautifully illustrated three 1-off pieces, in this accompanying film by skateboard & lifestyle freelance cinematographer Henry Edwards-Wood.

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