GOLD is a new design publication with its premier edition launch at the Chelsea Graphic Design Communication Degree Show in June. Jowey Roden’s editorial work is the culmination of his exploration into the best of contemporary design practice and meetings and interviews with many of his hero studios and practitioners including: Jethro Haynes, George Wu-Household Jamie Wieck-Airside. Darren Wall-Wallzo, Matt Blease, Dan Mumford and Troika.

Packaging Stars

‘The Art of Package Design’ published by ‘Gingko Press’ features the collaborative work of two Graphic Design Communication students Dan Cotrell and Sara Williams. CD packaging, designed for a collection of experimental audio pieces, reflects the nature of the project; with minimal emphasis on traditional visual represntation as possible to redirect the focus on sound. In order to open the disc box slider case, a cracker snap displayed on the front must first be broken, resulting in a loud ‘snap’. Information and track listings is relegated to the inside of the case.